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Win $500 [ 2024-06-15 03:00:00 ]

2024-06-15 03:00:00


Just go to the top of EXORRA page Login / Sign Up and fallow instructions for registration of your email, phone number, name/nick name and you will get a membership account number
EXORRA has a certified account with STRIP secure payment method anywhere anytime at the world through that you can buy a coupon
By fallowing EXORRA timer which it tells you how many days and hours remain to the draw moement also you will receive a notification email the live streeming draw
In case of wining EXORRA will send you an email inform you that you WIN also will publish your Name / nick name on EXORRA winner list
After conforming your wining with EXORRA it will takes 4 working days to receive your prize through online getaways payment
very easy get a five new member registering with EXORRA using your membership number and automatically you will get one coupon free
NO, EXORRA never ask anything that related to the personal information for members only the require information for registration purposes
NO, EXORRA is a platform for Gaming, Entertainment and Wining draw and have no relation with any other websites
After the winer have his/her their prize EXORRA will need a 10 second video by the winer shows he/she win and upload that video to the winner list

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